Randy Walton from Nightwatch

Randy Walton

New Orleans Police Department: 6th District

Why I Decided to Become a Police Officer

Growing up, I was intrigued by the James Bond movies and other films where catching the “bad guy” was a heroic and glorifying task. After almost eight years in corporate America (Marketing & Advertising) and being a casualty of the recession, I found myself applying for various law enforcement agencies in search of something with job security where I could be a dynamic worker. I later answered my calling to the New Orleans Police Department.

Facts About My Day-to-Day

One thing about being a police officer in New Orleans is you never know what your day will bring. You can go from helping a lost citizen with directions one minute, all the way to a high profile shooting the next. A bit extreme, but it HAS happened. Especially in Uptown “Nawlins(6th district).”

What I Love About My Job

Often times it feels like a thankless job, but to know I’ve affected a positive change, whether it is arresting a drug dealer, or a random community interaction at an event, is something I love about my job. Day after day I put my life on the line — but for just that one person to tell me thank you or writing a letter to a commander saying how good of a job I did for them is one of the most uplifting moments. The stress and turmoil you get with this job can be overwhelming, but handling the stress, and knowing you’re helping your community is gratifying in itself for me.


I enjoy spending time with my daughter, designing websites, photography, painting, playing Xbox One, riding motorcycles, working out, playing basketball, and trying to learn how to play guitar. I’m also a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.