Jerome Baudy, Jr. from Nightwatch

Jerome Baudy, Jr.

New Orleans Fire Department: Suppression, Fire Captain/EMT

Why I Decided to Become a Firefighter

I wouldn’t say I chose this career, more like it chose me. I was made for this type of work. I always knew I would not have a traditional 9 to 5 job. I needed something that would keep my attention and at the same time give me a real purpose, not just generating income for some executive so that he could pay for his kid’s Ivy League education. Fast-paced, high stress, technical work, is perfect for me.

My time in JROTC and the U.S. Navy gave me many of the skills I needed and aided in the development of the attitude necessary to perform in the career I have. The fact that I provide a necessary, dangerous service makes it all that much more enticing. I get to wear a uniform, play with cool toys, and help people in need — who wouldn’t love this.

I’m thankful every day for a career that I truly enjoy. The fact that I impact others matters to me the most. I am a problem solver. When no one else has the answer, they call me and my crew and I bring resolution to the situation.

Facts About My Day-to-Day

My daily activities consist of many events, from mundane, trivial, general duties, to the most epic events. I answer phones, resolve disputes, make decisions, solve problems, fix equipment, and even cook dinner at times. When there are no emergency calls we are still busy. There are inspections to be done, fire hydrants to inspect, smoke detectors to install, and of course training. That’s the hard part: waiting in anticipation for “the call” while performing many of our other duties. Responding to emergency calls is easy, that is why we are here. We live for those moments, especially the big incidents.

The average duty day is filled with a varying degree of general fire service tasks, emergency calls, calls for service, and of course the occasional “What the hell?!” moments. As a Captain and Company Officer, my day can quickly become inundated with many of these kinds of moments, but that is what I love most about what I do — the expectation that I will handle whatever situation arises. We never know what the day may hold for us.


I enjoy playing all sports, baseball and softball in particular. Health and fitness is of great importance to me. I weight train regularly and run at least twice a week. When the weather is nice, you can find me riding my motorcycle around the city. Bike rides and the occasional good cigar are two of my favorite ways to de-stress. From time to time I also enjoy a good book. I consider myself to be creative and enjoy drawing and woodworking. I am a self-taught computer guy with pretty good graphic and web design abilities. I also think of myself as a jack-of-all-trades: I know a little about a lot. I look forward to one day utilizing my skills and abilities to launch my own start-up business. Owning my own company has been a goal of mine since I was a teenager.