Gavin Istre from Nightwatch

Gavin Istre

New Orleans EMS

Why I Decided to Become an EMS Worker

I got into EMS because my dad is a police officer and my mom is a nurse. A good friend and mentor asked me “What do you get if you cross a policeman with a nurse?” I tried it and fell in love with the job.

Facts About My Day-to-Day

I love meeting different people and the detective work behind some of the medical calls. I once had a patient where I could not figure out what was going on. I took him to the hospital and gave my report. In the meantime the patient was intubated with stat imaging. The doctor walked up and asked if I knew what was wrong with him. I replied “No” and he said “Me either.” Your team becomes family!


My hobbies include anything outdoors, especially horseback riding and western shows. I like fishing and crabbing — true Cajun stuff. I also like just being lazy and watching a movie on the couch with my daughter. Family is extremely important to me, I have a beautiful wife and a 3 year old girl who is the love of my life.