Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

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Season 3 (13)

3 Seasons | 37 Episodes

Episode 1 Star Witness
S 3 E 1

Star Witness

Aired on Nov 27, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

Scientology’s Gold Base in Riverside County, California, has been shrouded in mystery for years. The heavily guarded compound houses up to 1,000 members of the Sea Org, the church’s elite inner core. Ex-members who have left report harsh working conditions, abuse and the existence of a double-wide trailer housing facility known as “The Hole.” In a rare insider’s view of Gold, Valerie Haney tells of her years as Scientology first lady Shelly Miscavige’s personal steward and how after two decades in the Sea Org, with conditions at the base leading her to contemplate suicide, Valerie makes a bold move.

Episode 2 Spies Like Us
S 3 E 2

Spies Like Us

Aired on Dec 04, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

Cierra Westerman was recruited out of a Florida private investigator school to spy on critics of the Church of Scientology, including Mike Rinder and inventor Robert Almblad. In this episode, Cierra pulls back the curtain on Scientology’s spying operations, detailing how she and other investigators dug through trash, installed tracking devices on cars, and infiltrated the lives of the church’s critics, all seemingly part of Scientology’s decades-long Fair Game policy aimed at destroying its enemies. Mike and Leah explore whether this policy violates the church’s tax-exempt status.

Episode 3 Unlikely Pairing
S 3 E 3

Unlikely Pairing

Aired on Dec 11, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

In recent years the head of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, publicly embraced Dianetics and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and supported their use in NOI Mosques. This formed what many are describing as an unusual bond between The Nation of Islam and The Church of Scientology. In this “Aftermath” special–Leah and Mike have a candid conversation about this strange alliance as they sit down with two special guests–a former and current member of the Nation of Islam–who share their personal feelings about this collaboration. They reveal what they witnessed first-hand since the two controversial organizations came together and in an unexpected twist–Leah reveals the important part she played in introducing the Nation of Islam to the Church of Scientology.

Episode 4 Where is Shelly?
S 3 E 4

Where is Shelly?

Aired on Dec 18, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

In 2006, Leah Remini attended the star-studded nuptials of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, an event Scientology dubbed “The Wedding of the Century.” After Leah remarked on the absence of church leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, the question set off a chain of events that ultimately led to her leaving Scientology. More than a decade later, Shelly still has not been seen in public. In this episode, Leah and Mike interview Shelly’s childhood friend Janis Gillham Grady, a fellow Commodore’s Messenger serving L. Ron Hubbard, and Tom DeVocht, who worked closely with both David and Shelly Miscavige. Together they attempt to explain the mysterious disappearance of the First Lady of Scientology.

Episode 5 Ideal Orgs
S 3 E 5

Ideal Orgs

Aired on Jan 01, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

Under the leadership of David Miscavige, Scientology has been purchasing large buildings to use as upgraded church locations, celebrated as “Ideal Orgs.” The church claims that the new buildings signal the rapid expansion of Scientology, but former members and critics say otherwise. In this episode, Leah and Mike interview Paul Burkhart, a former Ideal Org architect, and Bert Schippers, a former Scientologist who was a major Ideal Org donor.

Episode 6 The Collection Agency
S 3 E 6

The Collection Agency

Aired on Jan 08, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

Over the past two seasons, we’ve shown how Scientology is a “pay-as-you-go” organization, but what tactics does the church use to get the money? What about those who can’t afford to pay? In this “Aftermath” special, Leah and Mike sit down with former Scientologists who share the different ways they claim they were made to give the church money they couldn’t afford. Their stories range from those who are thousands of dollars in debt, to those who were left financially and emotionally bankrupt. We’ll also hear from a former member of the church whose job it was to solicit money from parishioners by what she describes as “any means necessary” leaving Mike and Leah to question: is this a church or is this a collection agency?

Episode 7 Gilman Springs Road
S 3 E 7

Gilman Springs Road

Aired on Jan 15, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

In a remote corner of Riverside County, Calif., lies Scientology’s International Base, a compound that houses the church’s most dedicated members. In this episode, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, a former occupant of International Base (“Gold Base”), speak with four other former high-ranking residents who reveal their shocking stories behind the locked gates.

Episode 8 Buying a Town
S 3 E 8

Buying a Town

Aired on Jan 22, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

In 1974, operating under an alias, the Church of Scientology moved into Clearwater, Florida, and proceeded to make the city its spiritual headquarters. In 1977, an FBI raid uncovered the Church’s secret plans to take over the city. In this episode, Leah and Mike visit Clearwater and speak to some of the city’s most prominent Scientology critics.

Episode 9 Buying a Town Part 2
S 3 E 9

Buying a Town Part 2

Aired on Jan 29, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

Leah and Mike travel to Clearwater, Florida, spiritual headquarters for the Church of Scientology. Speaking with some of the city’s most prominent Scientology critics, they explore how the controversial 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson marked a turning point in the Church’s history.

Episode 10 Church and State
S 3 E 10

Church and State

Aired on Feb 05, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

Leah and Mike speak with Jay Wexler, an expert in constitutional law, to discuss the remarkable story of Scientology’s journey to tax-exempt status. Mike and Leah also talk with Lt. Yulanda Williams, a police officer, about law enforcement’s community engagement strategies.

Episode 11 Waiting for Justice
S 3 E 11

Waiting for Justice

Aired on Aug 26, 2019

! 8 hours left to watch

Filmed for the first time in front of a live studio audience, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder explore stories of how Church of Scientology policies have hindered members from reporting instances of abuse and sexual assault to the authorities. They will speak to a number of ex-Scientologists who share their stories of abuse at the hands of other Scientologists, and describe how these policies are aimed at preventing the alleged crimes from becoming public. The episode will also feature a panel of legal, psychological and law enforcement experts, who provide insight into the impact Scientology’s practices have had on its former parishioners and advise how they can seek justice and effect change in the future.

Episode 98 Emotional Aftermath
S 3 E 98

Emotional Aftermath

Aired on Nov 18, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

How does it feel to lose your entire belief system? How does it feel to come to believe everything you’ve been told—the foundation of who you are isn’t based in truth? How do you let go of the anger? The guilt? The grief? How do you begin to get over it and move on? In this very special episode we’ll see Leah, Mike and their closest family members, in ways we’ve never seen before as they share—for the first time—the emotional toll leaving Scientology has taken on them and their families and the challenge of unlearning the systems and practices that were engrained in them for decades.

Episode 99 The Jehovah's Witnesses
S 3 E 99

The Jehovah's Witnesses

Aired on Nov 13, 2018

! 8 hours left to watch

For the very first time, Leah and Mike meet with former members of a different organization–the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this special 2-hour episode, a panel of contributors open up and share their personal stories of growing up in this secretive organization. Our hosts will hear stories of tragedy and loss including: family members who died from refusing blood transfusions; siblings and parents lost to suicide; families torn apart by the practice of disfellowshipping (shunning); the belief in women’s inherent inferiority; and the alleged failure to punish child abusers or even to believe in claims of abuse. Our audience will join Leah and Mike as they learn how another organization besides Scientology can subvert and exploit belief, on an even larger scale.

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