Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

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Season 1 (10)

3 Seasons | 37 Episodes

Episode 1 Disconnection
S 1 E 1


Aired on Nov 29, 2016

Actress and Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini begins her journey with a trip to Seattle to visit former Scientology executive Amy Scobee. After hearing Amy’s tragic story of being disconnected from her mother, Leah is determined to reveal the truth of what’s really going on in her former Church.

Episode 2 Fair Game
S 1 E 2

Fair Game

Aired on Dec 06, 2016

Leah visits the spiritual headquarters of Scientology–Clearwater, Florida–to hear Mike Rinder’s personal story. As the head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, Mike Rinder was expected to discredit and destroy critics of the Church. But after leaving the Church, Rinder himself became fair game.

Episode 3 The Bridge
S 1 E 3

The Bridge

Aired on Dec 13, 2016

Mary Kahn was an everyday parishioner who ascended to the Church of Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual enlightenment. But as she shares with Leah, the price tag of her experience was extreme – eventually including the relationship with her youngest son.

Episode 0 Ask Me Anything
S 1 E 0

Ask Me Anything

Aired on Dec 19, 2016

Leah answers viewer questions from her Reddit Ask Me Anything sit down.

Episode 4 A Leader Emerges
S 1 E 4

A Leader Emerges

Aired on Dec 20, 2016

After the death of Scientology’s founder L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige emerged as the leader of the Church of Scientology. Leah uncovers the story of Scientology before and after David Miscavige, as told by three former long-time Church members – including Miscavige’s father.

Episode 5 Golden Era
S 1 E 5

Golden Era

Aired on Dec 27, 2016

As a celebrity member of the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini attended various gala fundraisers for the Church, many of them organized and produced by the Church’s production company Golden Era. Now the former Golden Era event producer, Marc Headley, pulls back the curtain to reveal the shocking truth of these events, and how his disillusionment lead to both his and his wife’s departure from the Church.

Episode 6 Auditing
S 1 E 6


Aired on Jan 03, 2017

Aaron Smith-Levin and his twin brother Collin were prodigies at Scientology’s spiritual counseling practice known as auditing. But their paths diverged after Collin was dismissed from the program, leading to the painful tragedy Aaron shares with Leah.

Episode 7 Enemies Of The Church
S 1 E 7

Enemies Of The Church

Aired on Jan 10, 2017

After Leah receives a letter from the Church accusing her of provoking hate crimes, she decides to meet with the young man who the Church says she incited. Mike asks Leah to sit down with journalists who have been unrelentingly hounded by the Church for their reporting. And Leah tries to find a new way to take action.

Episode 98 Ask Me Anything, Part 2
S 1 E 98

Ask Me Anything, Part 2

Aired on Jan 17, 2017

Leah and Mike Rinder host a second Q&A session to answer the many questions posted on social media. They are joined by several special guests: Lawrence Wright, the author of “Going Clear;” Ray Jeffrey, one of few lawyers to take the Church on in court; and Steve Hassan, an author known for his studies in cult behavior and deprogramming.

Episode 9 Merchants of Fear
S 1 E 9

Merchants of Fear

Aired on May 29, 2017

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder explore the historical relationship between the Church of Scientology and its often vocal critics. A series of special guests candidly describe their personal experiences investigating controversial stories about the Church and how the Church has responded to their work.

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