Brandi from Brandi and Jarrod Married to the Job

Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante is the “not wife” of Jarrod Schultz, and has been a fan favorite on Storage Wars for years. She’s originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Orange County when she was just a teenager, meeting Jarrod not long after.

Brandi is the ultimate supporter… of her kids, that is. She loves being a mom and spends lots of time reading to Cameron and Payton, playing games with them, and encouraging their endeavors. With Jarrod she’s more of an eventual supporter, because it usually takes her some time to come to terms with his crazy schemes. As a result, the family joke is that Jarrod doesn’t get in trouble; he’s always in trouble. Like many mothers, Brandi is the voice of reason in a chaotic household.

Brandi describes herself as classy, and sassy. She loves to cook, but hates to clean up. She loves to entertain, and loves it more when everyone gets the hell out! When asked why she’s still with Jarrod, Brandi will joke that it’s because she’s a glutton for punishment… but the truth is that no matter how much he infuriates her, he can always make her laugh.