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Season 3 (0)

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 1 Tazed and Confused
S 3 E 1

Tazed and Confused

Aired on Aug 06, 2013

The guys want to trade up to an “Monstrous” item for their parking lot sale — but to close the deal, one of them may have to get shot by a taser.

 2 Puppy Love
S 3 E 2

Puppy Love

Aired on Aug 13, 2013

Temperatures rise as the guys need to trade up to a new AC unit for the shop — and one of their potential traders gives a new meaning to “High Desert”.

 3 Clowning Around in Utah
S 3 E 3

Clowning Around in Utah

Aired on Aug 20, 2013

Steve and Antonio open a new trade shop in Utah! To drum up business they attempt to trade up to a radio spot (radio ad) on a local station, and the guys realize they gotta sing their own jingle.

 4 Tradecation
S 3 E 4


Aired on Aug 27, 2013

Antonio and Steve are planning a joint family vacation on Catalina Island, and they’re determined to trade up to a shared vacation house.

 5 There's Snow Time Like Trading Time
S 3 E 5

There's Snow Time Like Trading Time

Aired on Sep 03, 2013

As Steve and Antonio settle into their new Utah trade shop, they’re inspired to trade up to something they never see in the High Desert: a heavy duty snowcat! But they have to track down a rare military vehicle to even have a chance at making it to their goal.

 6 The Gloves Come Off
S 3 E 6

The Gloves Come Off

Aired on Sep 10, 2013

To help Steve train for an upcoming match, the guys need to find an MMA cage, but the real fight comes from another trader trying to knock them out of the deal.

 7 Driving Home the Deal
S 3 E 7

Driving Home the Deal

Aired on Sep 17, 2013

When Kendall’s car breaks down on the job, Steve and Antonio decide it’s time to trade up for some reliable wheels, but first she must pass a “crash” course at the Barter Kings School of Driving.

 8 Trading or Bust
S 3 E 8

Trading or Bust

Aired on Oct 01, 2013

Steve and Antonio need some super-sized wheels to take their families back and forth to the new trading post in Utah. But their gamble to trade up to an RV lands them in Las Vegas with their wives, a wedding, and the King!

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