Kendall-Leigh Neuner from Barter Kings

Kendall-Leigh Neuner

Kendall-Leigh Neuner is the newest addition to Steve and Antonio’s business. Originally from Cambridge, MA, she moved to Beverly Hills when she was 9 years old and lived there until she went off to college in Santa Barbara, CA. She eventually moved back to Los Angeles to attend and graduate from California State University Northridge, earning a BA in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology. During this time, Kendall became obsessed with bidding online in hopes of finding and collecting items that other people would normally find as junk.

Kendall loves to laugh and make others laugh. Her passions are old music, old cars, and anything vintage. She’s also a huge fan of Charles Bukowski and Nick Cave.</p

Kendall says, “I am stubborn as a mule, but I’m working on it. I’m extremely sarcastic and driven. The girl in me loves working part-time at a hip fashion showroom in Los Angeles, while the guy in me loves to work part-time at Steve and Antonio’s store pursuing my passion for all things tradable. I love that half my life is fashion and the other half is bartering. I get the best of both worlds!