A&E Video FAQ

Now you can watch your favorite A&E shows anytime, anywhere! Watch full episodes as well as behind-the-scenes extras and highlights, on aetv.com on your mobile device (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire) or on Roku, Apple TV or Xbox 360.

It’s free. Simply verify your television provider.

The Basics

Q: Why do I need to sign in to watch some video content?
A: Viewers who verify their subscription to a TV provider get access to a deeper catalog of video content including more full episodes. If you cannot sign in because your TV provider is not currently supported you will still have a lot of video to watch.

Q: I am able to watch A&E on TV. Am I already registered for this service?
A: This service is only available through participating TV providers. To access it, you will need a subscription from a participating TV provider and a high-speed internet connection. Please contact your TV provider to find out if they are participating in this offering.

Q: How much does it cost to watch the premium video content?
A: It’s free. It doesn’t cost anything extra than your current TV provider subscription.

Q: My TV provider is not listed. Why not?
A: We are currently working on adding more providers. Please check back frequently to see if your provider has been added.

Q: Can I watch videos if my TV provider isn’t currently supported?
A: Yes. There are lots of full episodes and clips and more to watch – even if your provider isn’t currently supported.

Q: What kind of programming is available if I sign in?
A: You will get access to more full episodes and full movies than ever before.

Q: How often is new video added to the website?
A: New episodes and clips are generally added every day.

Q: How quickly does a new episode get added after it airs on TV?
A: Generally speaking, new episodes will be available the morning after they air.

Q: Is there a limit to how much video I can watch?
A: There is no limit to the amount of video you can watch.

Q: What countries are able to view your video content?
A: Full episodes can only be viewed in the United States.

Q: Why isn't my favorite show available?
A: We would love to put all of our programming onto our digital platforms, but sometimes our contracts don’t allow for that.

Q: Do I have to be at home to watch the videos?
A: No, but you do have to be in the United States. Videos can’t be viewed if you’re traveling internationally.

Q: The episode I am looking for is no longer available. Why?
A: Our video content is constantly being updated, and sometimes we have to remove a video due to contractual restrictions.

Q: How can I contact A&E if I need video support?
A: Please submit a ticket specifying your question.

Login Questions

Q: Where do I get my sign in information?
A: Your sign in information comes from your TV provider. Please contact your provider directly for details.

Q: I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?
A: If you forgot any of your sign in information, please contact your TV provider.

Q: How do I sign in to watch the premium video content?
A: After you select a premium video (identified by the white key icon on the video thumbnail image) you will be prompted to select your TV provider. After you select your TV provider, you will be redirected to their site to provide your information. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to our site to watch the video you selected. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be able to watch ALL video content available on the site.

Q: Can I sign out?
A: You can sign out by clicking "Sign Out" on the top right corner of the video page.

Q: Do I have to sign in to watch some videos?
A: No, you don’t have to sign in to watch all videos. There will always be video to watch for viewers who don’t sign in. But signing in allows you to access a deeper catalog of content.

Q: My TV provider is not listed when I try to sign in. Why not?
A: We are currently working on adding more providers. Please check back frequently to see if your provider has been added.

Technical Questions

Q: What browsers/operating systems are supported?
A: We support the following:
Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10 and 11
Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9-11
Windows 7 / Chrome and Firefox
OS X / Safari, Firefox and Chrome
Unless otherwise noted, browsers listed refer to the most recent publicly available version of that browser, and include the latest flash player available.

You may need to update your video players and their plug-ins to their most current versions. Please make sure you have updated and installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, if you are experiencing difficulties playing video.

Q:What version of Flash is supported?
A:Flash 10.2 +
To update your flash player, go to Adobe.

Q:Do I need to download or install any special software to watch the videos?
A:You do not need to download or install any programs. However, you will need Flash 10.2 + or higher.
To update your flash player, go to Adobe.

Q: Can I download the videos on your website to watch later?
A: No. The website is a streaming-only experience.

Q: Can I restrict certain programming from playing on the website?
A: Parental controls are enabled from your television provider’s site. Setting restrictions on your provider’s service will carry over onto the website for any content that requires sign in to watch.

Q: Do your websites support closed captioning?
A: Yes, all our programming has closed captioning available. Simply click the “CC” button on the bottom of the video player to enable captions to display.

Q: Can I disable the ads from appearing when watching online?
A: No. At this time, the ads help us to offer so much content free of charge.

Q: Is the programming on your website available in HD?
A: Most of our programming is available in HD format, but a few older series created prior to HD becoming widely available may be shown in standard definition.