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E 25

Santa Monica, CA (#78)


Greg's tenants are moving out of his Santa Monica home, and he thinks it's time to sell the place. Sure, it's a little run down, but property values around here regularly run into the low millions, so it's not surprising that even with a dark interior and some pet odor issues, this place is priced at $850,000. But potential homeowners aren't going to bite unless there's a carrot at the end of the stick. The living room is dark and cramped with outdated furniture, and the master bedroom is overflowing with furniture. Roger has a plan to give the living room a fresh new tropical-beach feel, and by removing the bulky furniture, it opens the space right up. Will removing the smelly old carpet reveal usable hardwoods beneath? Some de-cluttering in the boys' bedroom and some sweet new bunk beds are just the thing to spruce this room up. Will all the changes help Greg see a return on his investment? Tanya Memme hosts.

Aired on:
Mar 26, 2006
21m 13s