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Meet the RocketHub Founders

RocketHub, "The World's Crowdfunding Machine," is an international, pioneering, open community that has helped thousands of artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social leaders raise millions of dollars. Part of RocketHub's mission is to educate the public on the power of the crowdfunding model. As a result, the founders have lectured on crowdfunding at SXSW, TEDx, Maker Faire, NXNEi, Harvard, Columbia, etc., and have even testified before the U.S. Congress on the power of online fundraising.

Brian Meece

Founder & CEO

Brian Meece plays a mean ukulele and has lectured on crowdsourced funding at SXSW, TEDxBrooklyn, Columbia University, Maker Faire, among other colleges, conferences, and institutions. His goal? To teach creatives and entrepreneurs how to leverage the crowd for funding their endeavors.

Jed Cohen

Founder & COO

Jed regularly speaks at events across the nation, educating people on the fundamentals of running a successful crowdfunding project. His career began (at the age of eight) when he took to the stage as an actor and singer, and made his Broadway debut (at the age of fifteen) in the Tony Award-winning musical, The Secret Garden. Jed was featured as "Rod McCallister" in the hit movies Home Alone and Home Alone II: Lost in New York. Jed is a graduate of Harvard University, where he earned his degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

Vladimir Vukicevic

Founder & CTO

Vlad is an entrepreneur and established thought leader in the world of social media and innovation. He has taught Fortune 500 companies how to apply innovative technologies, combined culture with management theory, and believes that crowdfunding is the new path to creative, entrepreneurial, and academic empowerment.

Alon Hillel-Tuch

Founder & CFO

Alon has lectured on crowdfunding and entrepreneurship at various universities, institutions, and conferences. Alon's primary focus during talks is educating people on the rituals of the crowdfunding movement and the patterns of success that surround crowdfunding. Alon received his M.Sc from Columbia University and testified on the recently passed JOBS Act in front of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee in US Congress, which was nationally televised.