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Business Tips From Joe P and Mike Braiotta

14 Small Business Tips From Joe Pauletich and Mike Braiotta of Storage Wars: New York

Storage Wars: New York stars Joe "P" Pauletich and Mike Braiotta have spent years perfecting the art of finding high-value items in storage lockers and flipping them for cash for their individual businesses. But that doesn't mean it's been easy. Here the two give some valuable advice for starting your own business.

Joe P's tips:
  1. Try to learn from other people's mistakes.
  2. Have a positive attitude and know that even a bad situation can be turned around to benefit you.
  3. Read about successful people and see what you can learn from them.
  4. Try to keep up with the latest trends.
  5. Take some risks. Sometimes risks may seem foolish, but they might have the potential for a huge pay off.
  6. Always act like you know what you are doing and just go for it. Most of the time you actually do!
  7. Stay alert and pull the trigger. Don't waffle. Once a decision is made, stick to it.
  8. Mix philosophy with logic...and lots of luck!

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Mike's tips:
  1. Know your product.
  2. Know your clientele.
  3. Know your bottom line.
  4. Hustle hard and never give up.
  5. When starting or going into a new business, do your homework.
  6. Did I mention hustle hard?