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Business Tips From Darrell Sheets

7 Motivational Business Tips from Storage Wars Star Darrell Sheets

Storage Wars bidder Darrell Sheets has learned a lot buying storage lockers for a living. Here he passes along some of his valuable wisdom.

  1. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.
  2. Don't let anyone ever know you're new at any business venture you go into.
  3. Give 100% of yourself. This is going to be YOUR business.
  4. If you can, don't borrow money for your start up – you will be starting in the hole.
  5. You must like what you do. Do you really want to go to work every day and hate it?
  6. Don't burn any bridges. You never know when you will need someone.
  7. Find a way to give back. Be grateful for your success.