Flipping Boston

Season 3

Season 3 : Episode 10

Like Father, Like Son

Premiere Date: May 10, 2014 TVPG L

Dave and Peter take on a new challenge. Will Peter's attention to detail get in the way of Dave's need for speed? Or will they pull off yet another tricky design challenge?
Season 3 : Episode 9

Flip to the Finish

Premiere Date: May 3, 2014 TVPG

The guys finally get the all-clear to convert a duplex apartment into two units but the delay has added another challenge. Work has started next door on an eight unit apartment building. Dave and Pete must get their project done before their rivals in order to snag the qualified buyers. The race is on!
Season 3 : Episode 8

Flipping Boston Strong

Premiere Date: April 26, 2014 TVPG L

Dave and Peter take on a new challenge in this special episode. The two pitch in to help an engaged couple whose lives were forever changed on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Season 3 : Episode 7

Dave vs. Goliath

Premiere Date: April 19, 2014 TVPG L

Pete pitches a three-story, two-unit property which can be made into three units for a big profit, but when Dave sees the size of the building he realizes this is a monster job. Soon work has to stop on the top two floors when the guys realize they don't have permission to turn the duplex into three separate units. The logistics are a nightmare, but Dave has a buyer lined up for the first floor so the work must go on.
Season 3 : Episode 6

Stink House

Premiere Date: April 12, 2014 TVPG

Pete and Dave work with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office to renovate an abandoned house in beautiful Medford. However, a squirrel infestation coupled with pressure from the AG to get it done in 30 days or risk making no profit turns this huge renovation into a battle against the blight.
Season 3 : Episode 5

Dave's Demons

Premiere Date: Apr 05 2014 TVPG L

Pete goes on vacation leaving Dave with a simple flip to knock out while he's gone. Strange noises and weird flickering lights have Dave on edge from the start. Is the house haunted or is the crew having a joke on his expense? Dave will have to resort to extreme measures to rid the house of its bad juju before he can sell it.
Season 3 : Episode 4

Trouble and Strife

Premiere Date: Mar 29 2014 TVPG

Pete and Dave lock horns over whether to rehab or restore two 19th century brick townhouses. Pete is in full on restoration mode and the job slows to a halt while he tries to preserve the houses' historic details. Dave is at the cracking point as he watches the profit slipping away, but when Pete's solution is to bring in his wife, Desi, to design one of the houses, Dave ends up with double the trouble - two houses and two designers!
Season 3 : Episode 3

Ticked Off Tenant

Premiere Date: Mar 15 2014 TVPG L

Pete and Dave decide to flip one of their rental properties but they have different ideas about how to get it done. Pete wants no trouble with the tenants, so a quick spruce up. Dave sees it's time for a complete facelift. Dave wins Peter over by offering to take on the brunt of the work, but forgets he has a family vacation booked in the middle of the renovation! When Dave takes off on vacation Pete is left to deal with a real can of worms and an angry tenant.
Season 3 : Episode 2

Flip or Fumble

Premiere Date: Mar 08 2014 TVPG L

Pete and Dave get a call from former New England Patriots player (and Super Bowl champ) Jermaine Wiggins about getting in on the game of flipping houses. The East Boston native is eager to get his hands dirty on a house in his own neighborhood. It's not love at first sight for Jermaine as he squeezes through the tiny run down house and Pete and Dave soon find they are dealing with a demanding team mate when problems crop up. Will Pete and Dave be able to show this new investor how it's done, or will the added pressure fumble this flip?
Season 3 : Episode 1

Desi's Debut

Premiere Date: Mar 01 2014 TVPG L

Desi falls in love with a colonial renovation project in picturesque Newburyport, MA. Pete and Dave do not have the time to tackle this flip, but Desi convinces Pete that she can handle this project on her own--including managing Dave! Little did she know that Dave will be her smallest problem and what lies beneath this house might jeopardize this whole project. Will Desi's Debut be a hit or will she crumble under the pressure from the unforeseen problems that she will be facing during this flip?
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