Flipping Boston Season 4

Season 4 : Episode 5

Daycare Dilemma

Premiere Date: September 6, 2014 TVPG

Pete and Dave get a call from JP Norden, the brother of Paul whose house they renovated some months ago. Both brothers were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings and are slowly putting their lives back together. For JP and his girlfriend Kelly, this means opening a day care facility in their home. When the job gets snarled up in permitting hell, Pete and Dave jump on a super quick flip to keep the cash flowing. The only problem they have is that the tenant won't leave.
Season 4 : Episode 4

Dollars and Sense

Premiere Date: August 30, 2014 TVPG

Dave is on the hunt for a new property to flip when he comes across a fixer-upper on Clovelly Street. He finds out it's just been sold but he is undeterred and sets up a meeting with the buyer and Pete only to find that the buyer is Pete! Once the project gets underway the tug of war between fixing it fast and flipping it pretty begins. Some major challenges arise and force Pete and Dave to go all in to make their money back.
Season 4 : Episode 3

King of the Castle

Premiere Date: August 23, 2014 TVPG

Pete has bought a huge high end house which he thinks will be perfect for Dave and his family, but how long will it take before Dave cottons on to the idea? Once Dave's wife, MaryBeth sees the palatial house, she falls in love. For Dave, house flipping headaches become home-owner headaches as the job escalates and the budget soars.
Season 4 : Episode 2

Donaldson's Duck

Premiere Date: August 16, 2014 TVPG

Pete and Dave take on an abandoned house in North Andover. They give GC Todd Donaldson the chance to design the two-story house, set on protected wetlands filled with ducks. But as heavy snows and wildlife protection issues slow down the work, can Todd and his lucky ducks deliver a Sexy Souhleris product with Seymour speed?
Season 4 : Episode 1

More for the Money

Premiere Date: August 9, 2014 TVPG

Pete and Dave are keen to sell a rental property as is but their investor wants the full-on CityLight Homes product. With a tenant living there, Pete and Dave have only one option--to renovate the whole house in one week. But when their investor gets demanding, the schedule starts to stretch. Can Pete and Dave keep their tenant happy and their investor interested?
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