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Duck Dynasty
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  • About Duck Dynasty

    Season 10 of Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family as they conquer new family milestones while showcasing their down home southern charm. Willie and Korie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary as well as introduce fans to their new adopted son Rowdy. Additionally, Jase’s son Reed surprises his girlfriend with a marriage proposal in NYC, Si goes to court to fight a parking ticket, Sadie checks out colleges, and the family pulls together when a storm hits West Monroe.

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    It can truly be said that the Robertsons are not your typical millionaires. The family literally went from rags to riches when family patriarch, Phil, developed a duck call made out of cedar from areas in and around his hometown of Monroe, Louisiana. This was back in 1973 and he founded a company called Duck Commander to produce and manufacture the calls. Skip ahead a couple decades and enter one of Phil's four sons, Willie. Sharing his family's passion for hunting and the outdoors, he used his degree in business - along with plenty of help from his family - to grow Duck Commander from a regional business into a national, multi-million dollar empire. So whether you're just a fan of hunting or inspired by this story of the American dream come true (or both), head over the Duck Dynasty Shop to pick up an array of memorabilia to show your fandom.