Whitney Crocker from Big Smo

Whitney Crocker

Whitney Crocker is Smo’s wife, soul-mate, step-mother to his children and all around best buddy who he shares his life on the farm with. While Smo’s on the road performing, Whitney takes care of everything at home, most importantly Smo’s daughters, Ameria and Lanica. She says “The Boss of the Stix” is a great cook and a romantic at heart, who will sometimes surprise her with breakfast in bed. She enjoys tending to her flower gardens at home, in between being a step-mom to the girls. When time permits, Whitney loves being on tour with Smo. “That’s how I learn…by traveling and meeting people, watching them and how they work,” she says. Whitney says she’s happy beyond her wildest dreams and looks forward to the future, where she hopes to one day have a baby with Smo.