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S 1 E 1

Go Big or Go Home

Aired on Jun 11, 2014
As Big Smo prepares for his first album release under Warner Nashville, he's trying his best to strike a balance between his music, his girlfriend and his family. While Smo rehearses for an important show in Cookeville, Tennessee, two of his band members are competing to be his opening act. At the performance, Smo gives his family, and the band, a huge surprise.
S 1 E 2

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Bus

Aired on Jun 18, 2014
Big Smo and his band travel to gigs in a shuttle bus they've nicknamed the "Swag Wagon." Unfortunately their little bus dies, so Smo must find a replacement before they get back on the road. Also, Whitney knows she has Smo's heart... but his stomach is a different matter! Smo loves his mama's cooking above all others, but Whitney plans to change that (with Mama's help.)
S 1 E 3

Less is Smo

Aired on Jun 25, 2014
Big Smo will never be Little Smo, but his doctor tells him he needs to get more fit. Smo gets help from his bandmate "Coach" Alex, who creates a special workout called "Kuntry Crossfit". Meanwhile, Smo's daughters attempt to take care of a gift given to Smo from one of his fans -- a baby piglet!
S 1 E 4

Calling All Kinfoke

Aired on Jul 02, 2014
It's game over if Big Smo can't deliver fans to the biggest show of his career. The gatekeepers of Nashville's music scene will be watching, and a large concert crowd will go a long way to endorse Smo's unique style of country. But bringing the farm folk to the city is no easy feat--especially during planting season--so Smo must rely on the "family" to get this job done.
S 1 E 5

Father Smos Best

Aired on Jul 09, 2014
Smo gives the third degree to a boy who's trying to date his teenage daughter. Meanwhile, Smo and the band have completely outgrown his home studio, but Smo's worried they'll lose their music mojo if they rehearse anywhere else.
S 1 E 6


Aired on Jul 16, 2014
Who says a country boy can't have nice things? Well, Smo and Whitney's wedding planner might--unless the couple can find a way to cut down their massive list of kinfoke invitees. Meanwhile, Alex and Haden aren't distracting Smo from his wedding woes, they're adding to them, as they jockey for the prized spot as Smo's best man.
S 1 E 7


Aired on Jul 23, 2014
Big Smo lands a big budget to shoot his first official music video, but when his original idea is a bust, he takes to the streets to find real American workers that inspired the song. Smo's daughters want an xbox, so they sell homemade "Smo-cakes", and Smo shows them how to really hustle to get what they want.
S 1 E 8

The Grambler

Aired on Jul 23, 2014
Big Smo is a big ol' mama's boy! With the band playing their first casino gig, Smo invites his mom along to see if he can inject his idea of fun into her mundane bingo routine. Playing a casino is uncharted territory for the band, and they find that acceptance from this new audience is a little less than they gambled for.
S 1 E 9

Big Smo and Darius Rucker

Aired on Jul 30, 2014
Smo gets the biggest opportunity of his career--the chance to collaborate with multi-platinum, award-winning country music artist, Darius Rucker. But with only two days to create the perfect song, Smo has to cancel a romantic weekend with Whitney, and instead head into the Tennessee woods to write with his band. The resulting song with Darius could be Smo's biggest hit yet!
S 1 E 10

Boss of the Sauce

Aired on Aug 06, 2014
Like many performers he admires, Smo wants to expand from music to multi-hyphenate mogul. And the next addition to his empire is going to be Meat Mud--a homemade sauce that he's been making for friends and family. With his music taking off, he now has the opportunity to get his sauce to a major distributor. So Smo gets his bandmates help with the cook, but going from making five jars to five hundred in a weekend looks like an impossible task.
S 1 E 11

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Aired on Aug 13, 2014
Big Smo and Whitney tie the knot in an unforgettable season finale. Smo's greatest hit yet brings Whitney to tears, and Alex and Haden have a surprise that literally sweeps the happy couple off their feet.

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