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  • SEASON 1 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 13 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 16 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 8 episodes available
  • SEASON 7 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 8 5 episodes available
  • SEASON 9 11 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 7 E 1

St. Clair County, IL: Bunk & Junk

Aired on Jun 26, 2014
At the St. Clair County Jail, IL, the loyalty of two inseparable sisters is tested when one must make the tough choice of either betraying her sister or staying in jail overnight.
S 7 E 2

Chester County, SC: Girls

Aired on Jul 03, 2014
Arrested for stealing, eighteen-year-old La Shavia is already behind bars when the tour of Chester County Jail, SC, begins but her criminal behavior is far worse than her crime.
S 7 E 3

San Bernardino, CA: Hold On Turbo

Aired on Jul 10, 2014
In San Bernardino, CA, Angel, 14, runs with gang-members on the streets, but it's at home where he wields knives and becomes the most dangerous. Will a day behind bars cut him down to size?

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