Beyond Scared Straight

Season 4

Season 4 : Episode 1

Oneida, NY

Premiere Date: May 30 2013 TV14 V-L

Four troubled girls learn that the trauma they put their mothers through at home is nothing compared to the terror of life behind bars at the Oneida County Jail in New York. Lakeya, 14, whose mother has been in and out of jail, now lives with her grandmother, who she often threatens to hurt. Lakeya breaks down while trying to eat jail food and prays for a home-cooked meal. Kristen, 15, smokes weed, has committed bank fraud, and is unprepared for the reality of being incarcerated. Destiny, 11, who hits her mother, and Destiny's cousin Alii, 13, who likes to fight, attend the jail tour together. Will what they learn stay with them after the day in jail ends?

Season 4 : Episode 2

Floyd County Jail, GA: Deputy Lyle Returns

Premiere Date: Jun 06 2013 TV14 D-L

At Floyd County Jail in Georgia, colorful Deputy Lyle returns to change the lives of four troubled teens, though he may have finally met his match in one teen who threatens to put Lyle in his place. Garrett, 15, is a persistent runaway and likes to party with his good `ol boys, but when he comes face to face with crazy Deputy Lyle, the party might soon be over for one of them. Tripp, 17, who sells drugs and Josiah, 14, who once threatened to stab his pregnant mother with a knife, are both about to be thrown out of school. Will the education they get behind bars be enough to save their futures?

Season 4 : Episode 3

Western Tidewater Regional Jail, VA: Big and Bad

Premiere Date: Jun 13 2013 TV14 D-L

At Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Virginia, four at-risk teens from both sides of the tracks discover they are on the same destructive path. Tysharaw, 14, brings her anger issues into the jail and defies the deputies and inmates throughout the tour. Maura, 16, a shoplifter who comes from a life of privilege, discovers that in jail, everyone is treated the same. Zechariah, 14, vandalizes property and shoplifts. Stealing BB guns is the passion of Geoffrey, 14, even though his grandmother warns him this may lead to an accidental shooting. For Zechariah and Geoffrey, straight talk from inmates may be their last hope.

Season 4 : Episode 4

Lake County, FL

Premiere Date: Jun 27 2013 TV14 D-L

At Lake County Detention Center in Florida, a 12-year-old girl is reduced to frightened tears, and even the inmates are shocked when her 14-year-old brother refuses to offer any comfort. Anthony, 14, has admitted to armed burglary and grand theft. He says he will be tough for any inmate to break and he proves this in jail. His sister Alissa, 12, who likes to steal and physically abuse her mother, suffers an emotional breakdown in a crowded cellblock. For Jade, 15, smoking pot and skipping school are almost as important as maintaining her perfectly styled hair. When she learns that jail offers nothing close to a beauty salon, she may just be forced to change her ways.

Season 4 : Episode 5

Oakland County, MI

Premiere Date: Jul 11 2013 TV14 D-L

Just outside of Detroit, not far from Eight Mile, several at-risk youth are faced with the realization that hurting their families doesn't end once they're locked up. Fourteen-year-old Joseph, an explosive giant who attacks his adoptive parents, may have finally met his match in the hardened inmates and officers of the jail. Jordan, 16, a frequent runaway, thinks that image is everything but behind bars, a reputation can only hurt you. Andrew, a 13-year-old stoner whose relatives have had their own run-ins with the law, discovers that once in jail, family means nothing. Also, a plea from a desperate mother is the final hope for her son's salvation.

Season 4 : Episode 6

St. Clair County, IL

Premiere Date: Jul 18 2013 TV14 D-L

At St. Clair County Jail, ferocious killer and inmate Hustle Man is dragged from a teen talk when he tries to attack one of the at-risk kids. Beautiful cheerleader Kristin, 15, stays out past curfew which leads to theft and drug use. Her mother is an ex-convict and doesn't want to see her daughter follow the same path. David, 16, is a self-proclaimed racist. How will he feel when an African-American inmate forces David to comb his chest hair? James, 15, broke the nose of an off-duty cop, something the St. Clair deputies don't appreciate.

Season 4 : Episode 7

Douglas County, GA

Premiere Date: Jul 25 2013 TV14 V-L-D

At Douglas County Jail in Georgia, two sisters defy inmates and deputies, but when their mother has an emotional breakdown, their eyes are opened to the pain they have caused. Sisters Deja'nike, 14, and Destiny, 16, are both gang bangers who think they can survive in jail because they always have each other's back. After their mother collapses into tears during visitation, they realize that family may not always be there for them. William, 17, is a big bully who once stole a car, not knowing there was a baby in the back seat. In jail, he discovers that there are inmates even bigger than him.

Season 4 : Episode 8

Hampton Roads, VA - Girls Fight Back (#34)

Premiere Date: Aug 01 2013 TV14 D-L

At Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Virginia, four teens think that the reputations they've built for themselves on the streets will protect them from an inmate onslaught behind bars. One teen is targeted by gang members and changing his ways may be the only thing to save his life.
Season 4 : Episode 9

Richland County, SC: Truth or Consequences

Premiere Date: Aug 01 2013 TV14 D-L

During an exhausting all-night jail stay in Richland County, SC, 12-year-old Aaron, who has a broken arm, confounds deputies by easily overcoming every physical challenge. Brought to the jail for making a false statement to police about his stepmother, Aaron will now discover the truth about life behind bars. Shyaa'n, 14, who uses and deals drugs, learns he cannot deal with deputies screaming in his ear while he is trying to sleep. Warren, 15, hangs out with gang members, but once the deputies set their sights on him he finds that being in a gang may leave you all alone behind bars.

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