Flipping San Diego Season 1

Season 1 : Episode 1

House of Horrors

Premiere Date: Jul 20 2013 TVPG

Chief and Chris have a smokin' deal in the coveted San Diego neighborhood of Allied Gardens. But they quickly find that this aging beauty needs a full makeover to become the belle of the ball. The walls are dripping with nicotine and the stink just won't quit. With surprises lurking under every surface, the only thing that's certain is they'll have to pay up to get out! Can Chief and Chris overcome their disgust to design a beautiful home? Or will the haunts of this house keep them from finishing this flip?
Season 1 : Episode 2

Critter House

Premiere Date: Jul 27 2013 TVPG

Chris' flip in rural Lakeside, CA turns Chief and Elisa into haters from the start! The property violates Chief's #1 rule of "Don't buy houses on busy streets." To prove them wrong, Chris is determined to DIY this flip and save every penny. But the resident rodents have different plans after years of burrowing--both inside and outside of the house! Can Chief reel Chris in and save this flippin' infestation? Or will Chris DIY this flip into the ground?
Season 1 : Episode 3

Crack House

Premiere Date: Aug 03 2013 TVPG

Chief tries to keep his outlook sunny and relaxed but Chris's latest find is putting even his laid back attitude to the test. This La Mesa hillside ranch is literally sliding down a slope. The deck is hanging on by a nail--and the foundation is crumbling! As each fix leads to new problems and bigger overages, the stress soon causes cracks in communications. Will this house splinter the foundation of our flippers? Or will Chief and Chris dig deep and rehab their way to a big payday?
Season 1 : Episode 4

Tiny Tiny House

Premiere Date: Aug 10 2013 TVPG L

Chief is raving about his latest project in the up-trending neighborhood of North Park. But Chris and Elisa can't help asking "what's the BIG deal?" This house is TINY! And unfortunately, big surprises come in small packages! The tiny footprint becomes the least of their problems when rotten studs and faulty foundations threaten to stomp on their profits. Can Chief pull enough design tricks out of his architectural hat to captivate some buyers? Or will this clown house drive Chris crazy?
Season 1 : Episode 5

Double Trouble

Premiere Date: Aug 17 2013 TVPG

Chris has a surprise at the next flip--a super-sized lot with TWO Spanish-style houses! Chief catches Chris' enthusiasm for double the profits, but they don't plan on double the trouble. To speed the renovations, the pair split the houses setting off a competition over who's the fastest flipper--until Elisa stages an intervention with hedge clippers! Will these partners remember they must work together to succeed? Or will this "Double Trouble" boil over into flipping failure?
Season 1 : Episode 6

Cat Invasion

Premiere Date: Aug 24 2013 TVPG

Chief and Chris are psyched about a sweet little flip in City Heights--until they discover that their abandoned property has no vacancy! It's the neighborhood hot spot for the feral cat population with the stench to prove it. While Chris is struggling to remove the evidence--including dead carcasses--Chief invites over a first-time buyer looking for a customized garden bungalow. Can our flippers meet her demands and transform this cat refuge into a storybook cottage? Or will stray cats ruin their happy ending?
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Season 1