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  Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

Crazy Hearts: Nashville |


Some Broken Hearts Never Mend

Premiere Date : Jan 23, 2014

Things are hot and heavy between Nashville bad boy, Leroy Powell, and new girl in town Hannah Fairlight. That is...until she unveils her latest ballad. Turns out that among musicians, a bad song can make a bad romance. Hannah, not one to be deterred by anything, burns the midnight oil to fix the song and impress Leroy. But is impressing Leroy a lost cause when he's already returned his sights to his ex-girlfriend, Lee? Meanwhile, Amy is giving a romance with Billups a second chance, but will his drinking get in the way? And April's got a surprise for Jimmy--he's going to be performing a showcase for industry execs in a month--and he's the one who's got to pay for it. Can a few days breaking horses at the ranch pay the bill? Lee and Hannah finally come face to face in the showdown everyone's been waiting for.

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