Beyond Scared Straight Season 3

Season 3 : Episode 1

Boston, MA (Girls)

Premiere Date: Aug 20 2012 TV14 D-L

In a city where your neighborhood defines your gang, four at-risk teen girls endure a day in a female jail and learn where their lives are headed. Though they walk into the jail together, the teens will turn on one of their own. Thalia, 15, is a frightening street brawler (she's even hit her own grandmother) who takes her fight to the inmates and deputies. When she refuses to taste jail food, the other teens on the tour force her. Jahmiya, 15, incurs the wrath of female inmates when she uses a derogatory hand gesture. But it is Jahmiya, the scrappy thief, who leads the other female delinquents to gang up on Thalia, forcing her to take in parts of jail life no one should have to stomach. Pot-smoking Tina, 16, is shocked when deputies chain all the teens together.

Season 3 : Episode 2

Jacksonville, FL - Boys

Premiere Date: Aug 27 2012 TV14 D-L

In Jacksonville, Florida, four at-risk teens attend a three-part "scared straight" tour. Towering over nearly everyone, KeShawn, 15, is intimidated by no-one. But when KeShawn witnesses his pint-sized little brother, Kevon, suffering the terrifying consequences of trying to imitate his big bro, KeShawn breaks down, and gets a glimpse of what the future holds for both of them. Also, Johnny, a white, self-proclaimed racist, endures the wrath of the black inmate population.

Season 3 : Episode 3

St. Clair, IL

Premiere Date: Oct 04 2012 TV14 D-L

Troubled teens that attend the St. Clair County Jail diversion program take a lie detector test that reveals some shocking secrets. Inmates "Ice Mike" and "Hustle Man" return (from last season) to confront a BMX-riding stoner, a fearless gangster, a terrorizing bully, and Summer--a promiscuous underage girl who just doesn't say no to older boys--and her paralyzed mom can't stop her. Summer experiences the humiliation of jailhouse make-up and the surprising reaction Ice Mike has to her shameful behavior. Summer freaks out when she sees an inmate strapped into a restraint chair, going wild. Pot-smoking Austin, 15, discovers an inmate who dipped his hands into boiling oil while high on drugs. Jeremy, 17, is tormented by inmates when they learn he assaulted his grandmother. An entire cell block descends on the four teens--and they have nowhere to hide.

Season 3 : Episode 4

Hudson County, NJ

Premiere Date: Oct 11 2012 TV14 D-L

Near the Jersey Shore, four cocky at-risk teens try to charm their way through a harrowing day in a New Jersey jail. Samir, an 18-year-old thief, is a kid on the make, selling tea as marijuana to unsuspecting teens as well as beating those who cross him. Inside one of New Jersey's toughest jails, Samir is confronted by Sgt. Mahoney, an old school corrections officer who seems to revel in the barrage of intimidation he dishes out. But when Sgt. Mahoney exposes his own child's fateful brush with the law, Samir starts to see how vulnerable he really is. Teshon's spiritual grandmother prays that he will leave the gang life behind while Fredrick's grandmother welcomes him to the jail--where she works as an officer. Their day takes a frightening turn when a gunshot rings out, sending everyone to the ground.

Season 3 : Episode 5

Oklahoma City, OK

Premiere Date: Oct 18 2012 TV14 D-L

Four at-risk teens from the hard streets of Oklahoma City are confronted by gang members and their own emotions while touring the county jail. A hardened female inmate who is an avowed member of the Aryan Brotherhood zeroes in on each teen, regardless of race, describing a vivid and terrifying portrait of what she's capable of doing to all of them. Juvenile Raven, a 13-year old street-smart gang member, believes in death before dishonoring her crew. But she finds out from juvenile gang offenders that female gang bangers suffer a brutal fate, whether in jail or on the street. Female inmates set their sights on Raven, who isn't afraid to fight back. Teen gangbanger Taylon comes face to face with an inmate whose tattoos illustrate his lethal hatred of rival gangs. Teens are forced to wear weighted vests and pot-smoker Tori realizes she can't handle the burden. In a final, emotionally haunting scene, the teens must confront their parents in a visitation room.

Season 3 : Episode 6

San Bernardino, CA

Premiere Date: Oct 25 2012 TV14 D-L

In San Bernardino County, outside LA, parents are losing control of their teens. Troublemaker Alexis tires of his parents' rules and calls immigration authorities on them. Larry, an aggressive brawler, argues with deputies until one officer offers a life-changing deal that may reunite him with a long-lost family member. After a visit to the morgue, Jamayne, 14, breaks down sobbing and begs to be released from the tour. Child-like Andrew, who loves weapons, discovers that prison food is not so easy to stomach.

Season 3 : Episode 7

Lake County, FL

Premiere Date: Nov 01 2012 TV14 D-L

In the swamplands of Lake County, Florida, troubled teens find little to do but act out and break the law. Heather, 17, is a beautiful manipulator who uses her looks to get what she wants. Mariah, 13, an angry thug who gets into physical fights with school officials and family members, is shocked to discover a member of her own family behind bars. When they both encounter a terrifying inmate with a nasty grudge nicknamed "Big Hurt," they discover that in jail it doesn't matter who you think you are on the outside. Heather's greatest shock, however, comes three weeks after the jail visit. And Nick, 12, who breaks down locked doors at home to steal from his mother, breaks down into tears when an enormous, gold-toothed inmate unlocks the secret behind his criminal behavior.

Season 3 : Episode 8

Fulton County, GA

Premiere Date: Nov 08 2012 TV14 D-L

In a Georgia jail, four at-risk teens are given a clear-eyed view of the justice system, from having to clean toilets in a cellblock to being interrogated by a judge. For Quantavis, a gangbanging drug dealer, even a humiliating drenching by a water bottle-toting inmate doesn't seem to pull him out of his plunge toward catastrophe. But weeks after the tour he must make a life or death decision as cameras capture his choice. Child model Imani thinks she's seen it all but her party lifestyle threatens to cut short a life of stardom. Twin bullies Tyra and Tyreq have always had each other's back, but within minutes behind bars they are pitted against each other by inmates and deputies.

Season 3 : Episode 9

Hampton Roads, VA

Premiere Date: Nov 15 2012 TV14 D-L

During a "scared straight" tour in Virginia, a money-hungry teen drug dealer named R.J. refuses to be scared and lunges at a taunting inmate until officers subdue him. Jada, 13, a cheerleader who likes to steal, meets a fellow cheerleader who is now behind bars. Jourdan, 12, greets the day with a laugh but soon is overwhelmed and in tears screaming for the inmates to get out of her face. Cavion, only 13 and barely five feet tall, challenges an aggravated inmate. A volatile inmate nicknamed Nasty Nard aggressively confronts them all, forcing officers to intervene.

Season 3 : Episode 10

Richland County, SC

Premiere Date: Dec 20 2012 TV14 D-L

A frustrated Texas mother ships her three defiant daughters 1000 miles, so that they must endure the nation's only overnight jail program in Richland County, South Carolina.

Season 3 : Episode 11

Oneida County, NY

Premiere Date: Dec 27 2012 TV14 D-L

In the Oneida County jail in New York, one of a trio of teen hoodlums is made a brutal example in a restraint chair, and officers cuff an explosive bully before he even enters the jail.

Season 3 : Episode 12

Oklahoma County, OK

Premiere Date: Jan 03 2013 TV14 D-L

A spoiled drama queen thinks the tour of the Oklahoma County Detention Center is just a TV show populated with actors, but she is shocked by the reality of hardened criminals directing her every move.

Season 3 : Episode 13

Floyd County, GA

Premiere Date: Jan 10 2013 TV14 D-L

An angry teen's cancer-stricken father hopes a trip to Georgia's Floyd County Jail will change his son's destructive ways before it's too late.

Season 3 : Episode 14

Portsmouth County, VA

Premiere Date: Jan 17 2013 TV14 D-L

An at-risk teen with dreams of a rap career gets a wake-up call when he sees where his love of drugs and gang activity will lead, during a visit to the Portsmouth County Jail in Virginia.

Season 3 : Episode 15

Western Tidewater, VA

Premiere Date: Jan 24 2013 TV14 V-L-D

A bad attitude may be one promiscuous teen girl's biggest weapon, but when she has to share a cell with her inmate cousin in Western Tidewater Regional Jail, she finds out family ties do not bind behind bars.

Season 3 : Episode 16

Suffolk County, MA (Boys)

Premiere Date: Jan 31 2013 TV14 D-L

Fresh from the hood, Boston teens face rival gang members whose local loyalties persist behind bars, when they tour the Suffolk County Jail in Massachusetts.

Season 3 : Episode 17

Follow-Up Special

Premiere Date: Feb 07 2013 TV14 D-L

In a special episode, Beyond Scared Straight revisits teens from the first few seasons to discover if the jail tours have had a lasting impact on their behavior. Among those visited are Sahn, an adorable 13-year-old from Baltimore whose shoplifting supported his "passion for fashion," and Brandon, from Oakland County, MI, whose violent outbursts in jail caused him to be thrown off the tour. Also seen is Larry, from Season 3, who awaits the outcome of a promise made by a San Bernardino, CA deputy: that he would finally be reunited with his long-lost father. And sadly, the update of one teen whose tragic accident could never have been imagined. Alternately shocking, uplifting, and heart-wrenching, this follow-up also premieres never-before-seen footage and clips featuring memorable inmates Diabla, Green Eyes, and Ice Mike.

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