Beyond Scared Straight

Follow-up: St. Clair, IL

Premiere Date: October 4, 2012

Troubled teens that attend the St. Clair County Jail diversion program take a lie detector test that reveals some shocking secrets. Inmates "Ice Mike" and "Hustle Man" return (from last season) to confront a BMX-riding stoner, a fearless gangster, a terrorizing bully, and Summer, a promiscuous underage girl who just doesn't say no to older boys—and her paralyzed mom can't stop her. Summer experiences the humiliation of jailhouse makeup and the surprising reaction Ice Mike has to her shameful behavior. Summer freaks out when she sees an inmate strapped into a restraint chair, and going wild. Pot-smoking Austin, 15, discovers an inmate who dipped his hands into boiling oil while high on drugs. Jeremy, 17, is tormented by inmates when they learn he assaulted his grandmother. An entire cell block descends on the four teens—and they have nowhere to hide.



At the Conclusion of Production
Having passed 11th grade, Da'Briyon says he is still focused on school and his career. However, he is once again smoking, stealing and hanging out with gangster friends.

Latest Update: May 2013:
Da'Briyon's behavior since the jail tour has become increasingly unruly, even while still living with his grandmother. Since he continued to run the streets and smoke weed, his grandmother finally presented him with an ultimatum: shape up or ship out. Da'Briyon now lives with his mother in another state.