Beyond Scared Straight

Follow-up: Oklahoma County, OK

Premiere Date: August 25, 2011

Four at-risk teens from the hard streets of Oklahoma City were confronted by gang members and their own emotions while touring the county jail. Teens were forced to wear weighted vests and pot-smoker Tori realized she couldn’t handle the burden.



At the Conclusion of Production
No longer smoking pot, Tori still focuses on school and workouts. To date she has lost over 42 pounds.

Latest Update: February 2013:
During her jail tour, Tori was shocked at the amount of exercise she was forced to do. "I'm an artist, not an athlete!" she now says.

Her inability to perform the exercises required of her was a real eye-opening moment. Once she got home from the tour, Tori immediately quit smoking and drinking. She also started practicing yoga, taking dance classes, and jogging in a local park. Due to her new regimen, in the seven months since she participated in the jail tour she has lost 60-70 pounds.

Tori's relationship with her parents, Alanna and John, has improved dramatically. She now spends her free time working on her photography and painting. She has a ten year plan for herself that includes going to college and becoming a dental hygienist.

Tori says, "It feels excellent inside to know that I'm on the right track with my life, and that I'm going places in this world."