Welcome Back

...to me! I haven't really been posting much since, you know, he-who-will-not-be-named totally ruined his chances with me. I had to step away from the blog after the dance. I was in a bad place; I mean talk about sending a girl some mixed signals. I guess a few kisses and then agreeing to take me to a dance doesn't count as leading someone on. Anyways, I am now ready to face the digital world once again!

During one of my mopey moments lying on the couch watching Finding Nemo for the tenth time (in a row), I realized that I needed to grow up and stop acting like a dumb girl. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and sitting on my couch watching cartoons and crying over a boy was not the way to get over a broken heart. I was hurt and just needed to allow myself to heal. It's time to move forward.

This is one of those things about having a deadly condition that actually helps. It puts my life into perspective. Why am I sweating all of this small stuff? Life is too short to be wrapped up in all of the minutia, even though I do it all of the time. "Oh, Emma!"

Once I cleared my head and realized all of this, I ended up doing pretty great on my finals. All A's and one B. Stupid PE class. "Oh yeah, pick on the girl with the tank."

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